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#BerenaDeservedBetter: Principles and Code of Conduct

Founding principles

  • #BerenaDeservedBetter is founded on openness, fairness, support, and inclusivity.
  • #BerenaDeservedBetter is a platform for those who wish to explore and/or challenge WLW representation in popular culture, to voice their opinions, and to take action.
  • #BerenaDeservedBetter is a space for those who don’t usually have a voice to speak and to speak out.
  • #BerenaDeservedBetter is a platform for the fans, by the fans.
  • #BerenaDeservedBetter is run by a collective of women and women-identified individuals. This collective adheres to the founding principals.
  • #BerenaDeservedBetter is independent; it is not affiliated to, funded by, overseen, or linked to any institution or organisation.
  • No changes to #BerenaDeservedBetter can violate these founding principals in any way.

Campaign principles

  • Contributions to the campaign and campaign participants are encouraged to be respectful.
  • We acknowledge the most vulnerable members of our community and our fandoms.
  • We encourage campaign contributors and participants of all ages, genders, sexes, sexualities, ethnicities, nationalities, abilities, and neurotypes, and from across fandoms.
  • No advertising.
  • Campaign contributors and participants cannot financially benefit from contributing and/or participating in #BerenaDeservedBetter. Any professional benefits must be disclosed on the website.

Collective principles

  • Collective member numbers can fluctuate between 3 and 13.
  • Collective members can contribute as much or as little as they need, depending on their life circumstances, abilities, and skills.
  • We encourage collective members of all sexualities, ethnicities, nationalities, ages, skills, neurotypes, and fandoms.
  • All campaign and collective decisions are decided by majority vote within the collective.

Code of conduct for collective members

  • Collective members will respect the anonymity of other members, even after they have left the collective. This ensures the safety of those who live in countries where it is not safe to be out, or whose personal circumstances make it dangerous for them to be open about their sexual orientation.
  • Collective members cannot use the #BerenaDeservedBetter campaign for personal, professional, or financial gain, nor the #BerenaDeservedBetter hashtag to misrepresent the campaign’s principles.
  • Collective members cannot be linked to any organisation that benefits from #BerenaDeservedBetter, nor link their academic research, marketing, private companies, businesses, events, creative works, not-for-profits, organisations, etc. to #BerenaDeservedBetter.
  • Collective members are respectful when representing #BerenaDeservedBetter.
  • Collective members will not act on behalf of #BerenaDeservedBetter unless agreed by majority vote of the collective.