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  1. Jodiegirl,

    Your post really engaged me and your points are spot on.

    ‘I didn’t recognize the true version of myself because in the world around me, it didn’t exist. Or rather, it did but it wasn’t visible to me.’ This is certainly the most valid reason for an accurate representation of all minorities and, in particular, the LBGTQ community. Most specifically, as a society, we need sensitive and non stereotypical representation of lesbians.

    If we cannot recognize our experiences in all art forms, we have nothing to relate to,
    nothing with which to make a comparison. You are so right when you say that the media leaves lesbians in isolation and it is this isolation which gives rise to deprived audience. It is only logical that someone who has experienced deprivation reacts enthusiastically when the deprivation is removed. The potential for harm is raised exponentially when the representation of w/w relationships are portrayed using hurtful and false stereotypes and tropes.

    We are hurt by the representations and we feel ‘shame at our tears’. It is a lose/lose situation. We see ourselves, our lives, and our loves denigrated and we are embarrassed. We see ourselves devalued. We react with grief and inexplicably assume the guilt for our reaction. It is time to ascribe guilt its proper place. The responsibility for the inaccuracies in the Berena stroryline lies directly with Holby City. No one else is at fault.

    You are absolutely accurate when you write, ‘…aspects of their characters and their relationship became so abruptly unrecognizable.’

    The ending of Berena had nothing to do with the endlessly touted ‘sensitive’ representation. It had everything do do with a callous, harmful, and expedient choice.


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