When I first heard that HBO was promoting Sally Wainwright’s version of the Anne Lister diaries in a series, I approached the news with trepidation. The last experience that I had with Sally Wainwright was The Last Tango in Halifax. I waited weekly for each installment. Planned my Sundays around it. The writing, directing, and […]

Hard truths

Berena in the office

River took some time away from the campaign to reflect on what this experience has taught her so far. Here’s what she’s learned When the cheating storyline aired in November/December and Berena broke up, I was devastated. It was an emotionally calamitous time for me. I was furious at yet another stereotypical, derogatory portrayal of […]

Happy endings

Happy endings

In the past few months, women loving women (wlw) storylines in popular television and movies have seemingly sent a message to lesbians (and bisexual women) to go back into the closet.  First, Holby City’s rather cruel and hateful ending of the love affair between Serena Campbell and Bernie Wolfe, one of the most beautiful relationships on […]