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Happy New Year! What better way to start 2019 than with some #Berena talk?

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  1. Hogi,

    Thanks for organizing and sharing this dialogue with us.

    First off, you are providing a believable, thoughtful, and clearly articulated representation of how Berena fans are struggling to make sense of the irrational. This is refreshing as we are currently enmeshed in a shoddy, superficial, and spurious representation of a lesbian relationship.

    There are many of your points worth mentioning. Here are a few of them.

    1. HC viewers were promised, repeatedly, a sensitive and realistic presentation of a w/w relationship. This promise was broken and replaced with a collection of false and unacceptable stereotypes.

    2. The ‘cheating’ story line had no realistic basis and was counter to Serena’s established canon character. Aside from the skewering of Serena’s character, HC using the piss poor explanations of ‘I was stressed.’ or making some vague and opaque reference to menapause was incredible. This, in and of it self, is denigrating to all women.

    3. I like your suggestion that HC fell headlong (Possibly cheerfully because it was a quick fix.) into sexualizing lesbians wherein the only choices seem to be celibacy or promiscuity. In HC, it does seem to be the women who are sidelined into misery as the men can solve their problems and get married,

    4. With all due respect to your Mother and her concern about Dumbledore, children, all of us really, need to see happy, healthy relationships in media. It is my experience that children are quite accepting and content to have same sex parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. It is their normal.

    5. And, yes, if Bernie and Serena had dealt realistically with Serena’s infidelity, stayed together, and managed to stay alive, this representation would have been revolutionary.

    Thanks for sharing your conversation with us.

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