The BDB Talk forum

The BerenaDeservedBetter campaign is for everyone to participate in. Initially, a small group of women came together to set up the campaign website and to draft the open letter. Aside from those initial steps, anyone has been welcome to contribute and join in the campaign. And people have. People have sent in stories and blogs, made comments on pieces on the site, signed the open letter of course, and there have been many private messages of support, support these women sometimes sadly felt unable to offer publicly. As a coordinating group, we have discussed certain boundaries in terms of engagement with the BBC/Holby City—we aren’t keen, for instance, on messages from the campaign directed at individuals such as writers and actors—but other than that, there’s an open-door policy and everyone is welcome to join in with the campaign and to contribute a view. We apologise if that hasn’t been clear before now. Although we never set out to represent all fans, we also never set out to be exclusive.

We so want to hear from you. You can email thoughts and contributions to We don’t agree on everything and we don’t expect anyone else to, either. We don’t know all the answers by any means, but we are committed to exploring the questions, and hopefully to finding some answers along the way. You’ll see this in all the thoughtful blogs and comments that have been submitted and discussed. To make contributing and participating easier, we have added this forum where people are free to discuss Berena and also the campaign. The website does not belong to the group of women who initially set it up, it is out there for everyone who wants better wlw representation or wants to discuss the aims of the campaign. Let’s talk together and learn from each other.

So onwards to great conversations!