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come and chat if you're still struggling without Berena

Is anyone else still missing Berena terribly? It's currently Monday night and it's so sad to not have Holby to look forward to.

This time of year is tricky. 3 years ago Berena was really becoming a thing and I was becoming obsessed with their emerging friendship, always with the hint of more to come

This time last year we were excitedly, and somewhat anxiously, anticipating Bernie's return for the June episodes. 

And now nothing. Serena is off screen for a bit (which is fine by me as it means that I can put off thinking about Serena having a new relationship and how I know that I'm going to struggle with that), Alex is returning and who knows what that may bring but I'm fairly sure I won't like it and I'm certainly dreading it.

It's one thing knowing that there will be no more Berena on our screens but it's quite another thing accepting it and I want to acknowledge that, almost 6mths on, I'm still sad. I miss them and I miss my happy place

So if you've managed to move on better than I have, what helped you to do it? And if you're like me and showing no signs of moving on, how are you?

I wish I could help you but I’m still not over it either. It’s like having a beautiful dream and all of sudden it turned into a nightmare. Even while enjoying Gentleman Jack, I still can’t get over Berena and what cruel joke was played on the fans.

Isn’t it funny how, six months later we’re still missing Bernie and Berena? These days when I accidentally catch sight of a Berena video on YouTube, I feel a surreal kind of hollowness. Did it really happen or was it a dream?

I've been locked out of my twitter account because I was reported for calling a guy a dickhead 😛 safe to say, I think I won't be returning to twitter anytime soon so I will miss out on the community there, among other things. But perhaps this is the universes way of telling me to let go of things in general so I'm prepared to do so. That is helping somewhat by not having Berena being mentioned everytime I log in

It seems people are starting to get nervous that Bernie will be killed off, can't say I blame them. I don't know why Alex is in Holby, unless she's dying. I personally don't think killing B off was an option, as it seemed to indicate hope. So if they have done it it's a kneejerk reaction to our reactions. The mood will shift I think as a few were holding on for a reunion, or were just happy one wasn't dead. I wouldn't put it past this show tbh, they are wholly ignorant

Twitter is toxic, TiaMaria. Good you got away. It's ridiculous that amount of misogyny that's "allowed". Anyway, hope you'll keep popping back here to talk Berena whenever you feel like (and when you're not, I hope you're watching Gentleman Jack!).

Joanna, I was just going to write "they won't kill Bernie", but I remember the time I would say "they won't split them up" so easily. Holby are capable of anything. They have no class, no sensibilities, no politics.

I'll be here. I do miss a few people but I think maybe it's for the best

We'll miss you on Twitter, though. 🙁

Quote from #BDB on 3 June 2019, 21:24

We'll miss you on Twitter, though. 🙁

It's possible that I will make another account at some point. But I'll see how long I'll be happy to go without it