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Listen to this lovely piece by Mama Koogs Arts:


  1. Beautiful

    This speaks to a pain far greater than bad allies will ever understand. Incredible piece. The way you coopted the words used against us or that gave us hope is phenomenal, thank you for sharing them

  2. This is powerful and (deep sigh) so unalterably true.

    Whenever a segment of our population is deemed ‘disposable’, an unmerited and totally unjustifiable tsunami of pain and destruction roils and destroys. These people are not an unknown group easily manipukated and used, it is me, it is you, and it is the people we love.

    This default position which is used by the media, most often for convenience, is inexplicable and can never be defended.

    We were all suckered and no one at HC has the guts to say “We might have gotten this very wrong.” You are so right it is time to say we will not wait and demand that the media and its minions now wait. Let them wait and see what can be done when we finally say and mean enough.

    Thanks for this.

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