Testimony: A good lesbian is still a dead lesbian

Theatre masks

(Guest post by Isabelle Bats)

My name is Isabelle Bats. I am 49 years old. I am a Belgian lesbian. I am a performance artist.

I am going to be on stage in a play I wrote called: Girl/fille. It is about a woman who was once maybe a tennis talent, who was taught to act like a boy, who is a lesbian and who is now more of a woman than ever before.

There is one scene in the show where I talk about representation. About the fact that I rarely see myself on screen, on stage or even in a book. I go from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Holby City.

I talk about #Berena.

About the impact those two women had on so many women all around the world. (It is interesting to note that no one ever heard of Holby City in the French-speaking part of Belgium and no one ever will.)

I close the scene with mention of the petition. Extract from the script: “It is 2019, and, dramaturgicaly, a good lesbian is still a dead lesbian.”

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