Testimony: A timeline

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(Guest post by Maggie Scarborough)

I am posting my comments from June/18 to the final episode in Jan/19. I and posting my thoughts this way because I followed the Berena story as the rest of these writers did. I do not write long essays as others have here, so I decided my thoughts as the story evolved would show how I felt about the Berena break-up. I tried to put them in the chronological order in which I wrote them. Please bear with me since this is not written in the form that others have expressed themselves.

Maggie Scarborough (re the picture/drawing of Serena and Bernie’s 2nd kiss in the office): I don’t know why this thread from last August popped up, but I’m glad it did. After yesterday’s episode (6/21/18), I truly was afraid I was going to have to remove it from my wall. Now, I won’t remove it and would love to add a 360 degree rotating bubble (a hologram?) of the kiss on kiss on kiss that they portrayed in the lobby of the hospital. Someone will have to invent that, then, I’ll get it. And if it is you, Ashley Boyle, who is asking where this came from, I ordered it a year ago from RedBubble. I also had them frame it for me.

Maggie Scarborough to Joanna Sams: Thank you, Joanna. I tend to wear “rose colored glasses” sometimes so I don’t see strange or bad things coming. Serena is like a goddess to me and I know she’s playing a role, but I just don’t want my image of her to be spoiled. I guess we have to take it one episode at a time. I appreciate your thoughts.

Maggie Scarborough:  With your thoughts, which I copied here, I agree that I don’t want to watch the Berena setup disintegrate, but do you think there will be definite signs that that is going to happen? I like to toughen up my heart a little before I have it broken. So, what signs? (And btw, I think Leah escaped from an asylum) “I think Catherine has moved on from Berena as has Jemma, ultimately it’s the fans that hung around for a decent ending are the ones who are let down. I certainly won’t be watching it disintegrate. Anyway that’s my thoughts ?
Maggie Scarborough shared a link
December 12, 2018 at 12:19 PM
Somebody still owes an eternity plus 1,000 years…

Maggie Scarborough
December 11, 2018 at 7:31 PM
“Will you wait for me because I can’t think of my life without you?” “For eternity” “At least we still have 48 left to ourselves.” “Don’t worry, I’ll be back.”

Maggie Scarborough
December 13, 2018 at 9:55 PM
More evidence the writers had us in the palms of their hands. From “Primum Non Nocere, Part 1:” Greta is speaking to Bernie because Bernie has been sent to find out about Greta’s stomach complaints.
Greta: “You’re Serena’s wife.”
Bernie: “What no. Not quite, not yet.” Bernie explains she is qualified to work with Greta.
Greta: “Oh, I know you’re qualified, you’re the greatest trauma surgeon this country has to offer.”
Bernie: “Who said that?”
Greta: “Serena. She was talking to Mr. Griffin. She also said you were the one great love affair of her life and that kissing you tastes like chocolate and honeycomb. I think she’d been drinking.”
Bernie: “Wow! OK.”
Greta: “You might not be married, but still you’re her family.”

Maggie Scarborough I wasn’t going to watch the latest episode, but when I saw a clip in which Serena said to Jason that she was going to a yoga camp for Christmas, I said, well, I gotta hear and see that. I did see that. It was a comment, here and gone. Then I saw Serena open the gift that Leah gave her, the black lace undies and bra, and I just wondered, who thought that gift up? Of course, Serena had to put her two cents in by saying she didn’t mind people thinking she and Leah had something going. It would help her reputation or something… Yep, just kick Bernie to the curb, just kick anything to do with Berena right in the gut. I am so very disappointed in the transplanted Serena. Why did the producers take a perfectly good, whole woman who had depth and turn her into someone who now seems very shallow and very lonely?

Maggie Scarborough
December 19, 2018 at 11:44 AM
I just read the summary Dr. Viv Pointon wrote about the end of Berena. It was so spot on and resonated with the way most of us are feeling about the end of Berena. I copied this part from her brilliant summary: “To me Berena seems a little like Camelot, for one brief shining moment… Fifty years ago I fell for Jemma’s Aunt Vanessa in the role of Guinevere (yes, the name of Serena’s great niece). Perhaps I am a little in love with the great Bernie Wolfe. Oh for a spin off – Holby City does The Good Karma Hospital in Kenya!” And, I thank Dr. Viv for her summary of “the end of Berena.”

Maggie Scarborough shared a link
January 7 at 11:04 PM
This love story was on track. Then someone sabotaged the story. “Not the right animals” my foot! Finally, the picture I had on my wall of Serena and Bernie’s 2nd kiss, which I thought was the best kiss they’d ever had, came down. I jerked it off my wall after the “Not the right animals” episode.

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  1. Thank you, Maggie Scarborough. I just wrote what I felt but it has been comforting to discover that many others have felt like me about the appallingly end of Berena. And I am still grieving. I am also angry. We must all channel our grief and anger towards the producers and the BBC and ensure that never again can they treat us with such callous dismissal. I didn’t know, until I read it here that 30% of TV lesbian relationships end in death and only 8% live happily ever after. Life isn’t like that. WLW relationships should be celebrated and cherished. Sadly the people at Holby forgot the latter.

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