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Back in 2001 my friend Loni and I sat excitedly in the shabby living room of our student home waiting for the much anticipated final episode of Xena Warrior Princess. The announcer on the telly had reeled us in with the promise of that kiss.

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  1. Brilliantly written and it totally resonated!
    Thank god for some of the fantastic fan fic writers who, in spite of this car crash have taken the story where it should have gone. Many of them are far better writers than the current calibre we see on Holby City.

  2. This is a very apt presentation of how most of us have responded to media presentation of w/w relationships. Our feelings deepen and our hope lags. It starts with disappointment and morphs into devastation. We sob because it hurts too much not to cry and then we denigrate ourselves and think that we are pathetic and stupid. We are neither and there comes a time when we can no longer watch our lives and our loves relegated to a trash heap of lies, stereotypes, and tropes which have no reality.

    ‘They told us we were safe.’ Well, someone lied. And, yes, I believed them too. I share your rage and recognize that this time can be different. We have the support of each other and, finally, we are establishing a mechanism that can speak in a clear and common voice,

    You are right. ‘Berena deserved better. And so do we.’


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